Top 10 Sunflower and Rose Wedding Ideas

The sunflower is a symbol of happiness, enthusiasm, and peace, while the rose represents a romantic ambiance. Although they may seem like an odd pair, when used together, they indeed make one of the best pairs.

Here are the top 10 sunflower and rose wedding ideas you can follow for turning your simple wedding into a colorful one:

1. Floral Backdrop

Planning on hosting your wedding ceremony in your backyard? Well, it is one of the best places to get married.

In fact, to your surprise, if you can do the décor and arrangements in an organized way using some of the great combinations, then definitely the backyard will give an aesthetic look, mesmerizing all.

One of those great ideas of using sunflower and rose is certainly making a floral backdrop. Apart from giving a bright and peaceful ambiance, they are also extremely good for doing photoshoots.

Both of you can stand in the middle while taking your vows, holding each other hands. Thinking of such a view is enough to give one goosebump.

You can also include some greenery such as Ruscus and Eucalyptus to make things more interesting and artistic.

2. Flower Crown

Flower crown using sunflower and rose combination is something that undoubtedly increases the beauty of one’s person and fulfills the look, giving one a complete makeover.

Whether be it doing a photoshoot to one’s big day, a flower crown goes flawlessly with every attire and occasion, making everything around beautiful and eye-soothing.

Besides, they are also comfortable to wear and will make you feel like you are the queen of your kingdom, bringing out the best version of yourself.

You can also keep this headpiece as one of your wedding memories items. After all, these small items are the most cherished things that matter the most at the end.

3. Dining Table

Sunflower and rose bouquet increases the beauty of any areas where you place them. They symbolize peace and happiness no wonder why people have so much craze and fascination towards them.

And using them at the dining table certainly will give a soothing vibe along with giving a rustic attire. You will hardly find someone who will not like this décor. Instead, everyone will simply adore these decorations—bringing a smile to everyone’s face.

Although the sunflower and rose bouquet combination goes with every table, yet to get the best possible outlook, the ideal is to use them on a round kitchen table with a gingham print cover to end things with grandeur.

4. Front Door Decoration

The front door is the 1st thing that every guest of yours will notice. And as the famous proverb goes by saying, “first impression is the last impression.” So, think of it as your 1st impression and try to make the most of this opportunity by giving your front door an elegant outlook using a bold combination of roses and sunflowers.

They will for sure grab every person’s eyes in the most graceful way turning things in your favor. Besides increasing the beauty, it will also work as a warm welcome for every guest.

So, without further delay, give your front door a fresh and beautiful entrance using the colorful combination of rose and sunflower.

5. Corsages And Boutonnieres

When the brides have so many options to adore themselves using these amazing flowers, then why should the groom be left behind in anything. Right!

Well, every groom will be pleased to know you can use the handmade boutonnieres while pairing with your love and thus looking your best on your special day.

One can easily make beautiful corsages and boutonnieres using some fresh sunflowers and roses. To make things more exciting and romantic between both, you can make the same kind of corsages and boutonnieres design.

Apart from using it at weddings, you can also use them at any formal event. They will still enhance your splendor in the most elegant way.

6. Colorful Bouquets

Both sunflower and rose are beautiful from every angle. So, to think of that, if you pair these bright and colorful sunflowers using different colors of roses, you can only imagine how beautiful the bouquet will be.

You can use these bouquets for doing various kinds of decorations or hand them to every guest. If not more, the bride and the bridesmaids can carry these wonderful bouquets while walking down the aisle.

7. Wedding Cake

Who doesn’t love wedding cakes? Everyone, Right!

In fact, they are something without which a wedding looks incomplete. If you are having a flower-themed wedding using sunflower and rose, then baking a cake, depending on the theme, is more than necessary.

Well, for the flavors, you can use the rose flavor essence and sunflower seeds. But if you want to give it a more artistic look, then nothing can bring the best output that the use of some fresh sunflower and rose can give.

This simple thing is enough to make your theme a success, along with taking your cake to the next level. And why not?

They have a certain level of aesthetic and elegancy in them which cannot be replaced by anything else.

8. Wedding Arch

Wedding arches are one of the best parts that grab the audience’s eyes the most. After all, they are placed right in front of the guest. Moreover, the bride and groom will take their vows here. So, undated, this place has to be unique and colorful no matter what.

And what can be a perfect flower than using sunflowers?

Along with giving the arches a magnificent look and making things colorful with their large bright petals, they will go flawlessly with every other decor—ultimately giving your wedding altar the décor and view your dream of having.

9. Centerpieces

Using a centerpiece of sunflower and rose is something that will certainly be one of the highlights of any wedding. After all, they bring any event to life with their colorful and bright nature.

You can use either use a small and delicate centerpiece or a large and bolder one, based on your décor and requirement.

No matter which style you plan on giving, the exquisite combination of sunflower and rose will perfectly go with your theme giving your wedding the look and grandeur you wanted to give.

10. Aisle Decoration

Another unique and beautiful idea you can follow at your wedding is doing the aisle decoration with a rug in the middle while decorating the side with sunflowers and rose.

Along with giving a nice attire, the rug and flower combination will work as a warm welcome for the guests.

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